Mental health awareness course

A mental health awareness course to help your business support its employees in maintaining their mental wellbeing in the workplace.

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Mental health awareness course for businesses to use with their employees

Supporting mental health at work can help businesses in being more productive.   In this course you’ll learn how to create more inclusive working environments where all employees are offered support if their mental health is suffering.


It’s designed to help all businesses types and sizes, managers and employees alike to understand what mental health really is, in order to achieve an environment where people thrive. Through a series of audio scenarios, this course will help you to:


  • Understand what mental health really is and the signs to spot in others who are suffering
  • Start having conversations about your own and others’ mental health
  • Take action to support yourself and those you work with
  • Know where to go for more information and support


All learning is through the PDF. Follow the links from the pages within to listen to the audio when directed during the course.