Barclays Back to Business Programme

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Developed with Cambridge Judge Business School, our online programme is free for SMEs.

Why sign up?

When you’re living through a crisis, it can be difficult to visualise what business will be like when it ends. How can you think positively about the future and plan ahead, when so much in the present is demanding your attention and support?

You don’t have to figure this out on your own. We understand the challenges your business is facing right now and want to support you. That’s why we’ve created Barclays Back to Business Programme with Cambridge Judge Business School – an online programme that you can navigate in your own time, developed especially for small-to-medium sized enterprises.

From your start date, you’ll have two months to access and complete the programme, which should take 15 hours of your time. The programme will help you assess the health of your business and identify how to sustain or grow it during a crisis, with scenarios you can use to see how the pandemic might affect your business in future. The key output will be a resilience plan for your business, which you can continue to test and evolve over time.

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