16-19 60 - 120 minutes

Building confidence and assertiveness lesson

This lesson is designed to help build students’ self-esteem while motivating them to face challenges confidently. It also aims to support young people to build their assertiveness, overcome fears and realise their goals. In turn, this will enable them to go on and develop further key skills and abilities such as communication and leadership.

Lesson learning outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Identify strategies for overcoming personal barriers and work-related challenges
  • Draw on techniques to help them become more assertive when facing personal challenges
  • Identify the difference between assertive, passive and aggressive behaviour

Want some more insight into this lesson’s activities? Read on to explore the different ways the activities can support your teaching.

How can this lesson support you to develop students’ confidence?

This lesson focuses on improving self confidence by looking at personal challenges and exploring the ways they can plan to deal with those situations. Crucially, it also draws on business related case studies and real-world challenges, which is a great way to get students thinking practically about how self confidence can help them to build a successful future after school or college.

How can you use this lesson with your students to put assertiveness into practice?

This lesson concentrates on understanding assertive behaviour and practising this in challenging scenarios. It includes situations that students may face after school or college, which can be easily tailored depending on the level and experiences of the group.  

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How to teach self confidence and assertiveness with LifeSkills

Students can gradually improve these skills in a variety of ways – listening to others, taking inspiration from successful people and using appropriate body language.

Other lessons that may prove useful for students to build on their confidence and assertiveness include the 'Listening and presenting (communication)' lesson and the 'Recognising skills for success in the workplace' lesson. Why not build confidence and assertiveness as a focus in your students’ wider curriculum? Refer to our Content guide to find out how LifeSkills resources can be used in PSHE, English lessons and much more.

Why not complement this lesson with our interactive worksheet activities and online lesson films, which are perfect for remote delivery, around the topic of wellbeing by clicking here?

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Building confidence and assertiveness

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