14-16 60 - 90 minutes

CV skills lesson one: Writing a successful CV

This lesson is designed to help students build an understanding of how to write an impactful CV, as well as the types of information they should include based on their transferable skills, interests and experience.

Lesson learning outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Explain what a CV is used for and be familiar with two common formats
  • Understand that a CV should highlight the skills, personal qualities, qualifications, interests and experience that a potential employer is looking for
  • Create a draft CV

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How does this lesson help you teach your students about the importance of a well-crafted CV?

It focuses on understanding the purpose and function of a CV, including what information it needs to include, and how best to organise that information. The activities include looking at examples of student CVs and considering different CV layouts.

How can you use this lesson to help your students identify the skills and experience they already have?

The lesson also concentrates on identifying the skills and experiences students should include on a CV, while teaching them how to communicate their abilities in a clear, compelling way. Students will also write a personal profile and learn about the function and importance of cover letters.

Students will apply this learning and self-reflection to drafting their very own CV using a template included in the lesson.

Further LifeSkills guidance on how to write a student CV

LifeSkills has even more content that can further support your teaching of CV skills and help your students on their employment journey. Check out links to further resources below.

‘CV skills lesson one’ should be followed by CV skills lesson two: Fine-tuning your CV to stand out to employers, which teaches students how to tailor their CV to catch the eye of businesses. You can also further support job-hunting success through complementary interactive tools like How to write a cracking cover letter, or by spinning the Wheel of strengths and writing an application for one of the jobs it suggests.

Why not include financial capability as a focus in your students’ wider curriculum? Refer to our Content guide to find out how this LifeSkills resource can be used in PSHE or English lessons.


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CV skills lesson one: Writing a successful CV

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