11-14 14-16 40 - 60 minutes

Exploring personal strengths lesson

This lesson is designed to help students recognise their skills, personality traits, attributes and interests, and understand how these can help make rewarding career choices.

Lesson learning outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Recognise three key elements of their personality
  • Explain how different job roles require a range of skills, interests and personality traits
  • Identify ways of building an accurate self-image that can guide successful career choices

Activities in this lesson involve a combination of personal reflection and working together to identify their strengths while relating these to their aspirations. This includes highlighting the difference between realistic and more ambitious goals. Students will identify what their interests, strengths and personality traits are before considering what they need to improve.

The lesson includes a short ice breaker game called ‘Skill Up’, which can be played in 10 minutes as a standalone activity. It visually presents the link between different jobs and the associated skills and qualities for people in those roles.

Looking for other ways to help students connect personal attributes to different job roles? Read on to find out how.

How to identify five personal strengths with LifeSkills

The 'Wheel of Strengths' interactive tool is another way to identify skills, interests and personality traits and can be used within the lesson to discover how these personal strengths can be used to match students with jobs.

The 'Recognising and building personal skills' lesson takes the learning from this lesson to the next step by getting students thinking of ways to improve their skills.

The 'Putting enterprise skills into action' lesson is helpful for students actively thinking about how to put their personal strengths into practice. For more information on the range of resources and how they can be used in PSHE lessons and more, check out our Content guide.


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Exploring personal strengths for employment lesson

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Skills up icebreaker activity


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