16-19 90 - 150 minutes

Financial survival skills

This lesson is designed to help students manage different aspects of finances safely, successfully and independently, including credit cards, debt, current accounts, renting, insurance and fraud.

Lesson learning outcomes

By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Understand how to choose a current account and use of credit cards
  • Identify what to consider when renting accommodation
  • Recognise factors that go into a credit score
  • Understand some of the most common types of fraud, scams and identity theft

Read on for further ideas on how you can make the most of this lesson’s activities.

How can you use this lesson to improve your students understanding of bank accounts and banking?

It focuses on supporting students to better understand both current accounts and credit cards. The activities include an interactive tool to compare and contrast common features of different types of bank account, along with reasons to choose between these. The lesson also provides further explanation and examples of paper and online statements.

How will this lesson prepare your students for financial independence?

It includes discussion points and interactive elements that develop understanding of renting, insurance and credit scores. Students will learn about the best questions to ask when considering rental accommodation, as well as considering the pros and cons of different types of insurance. Additionally, the activities include a focus on credit scores and the factors that affect them, as well as tips for improving and keeping credit scores healthy.

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Follow this lesson with further money skills lessons for this age group, which cover 'Finances in the world of work', 'Budgeting' and 'Financial planning for the long term'. Why not build financial capability as a focus in your students’ curriculum? Refer to our Content guide to find out how this LifeSkills resource can be used in PSHE lessons.

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Financial survival skills

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