14-16 30 - 120 minutes

Interview skills lesson

This lesson is designed to help young people understand why employers hold different types of interviews, and how to prepare and practise for an interview.

Lesson learning outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Identify different types of interview, their purpose and ways to prepare
  • Apply the STAR method to answer some common interview questions
  • Receive constructive feedback on their performance and reflected on goals for improvement

Honing interview skills and understanding how to effectively prepare for them is an important part of preparing students for the workplace. Continue reading to see how LifeSkills supports students get to grips with the interview process.

How can this lesson support you to develop students’ interview confidence?

Students will discuss different types of interviews they might come across, and the situations these interviews are most appropriate for. There are also tips on how to approach interviews using the STAR model when answering questions, and a chance to put this into practice through an interview role play.

How does LifeSkills support preparation for interviews?

Preparation is key to interview success, and this lesson includes an activity focusing on useful preparation tips and what they should and should not do in an interview. They will be introduced to the interactive Virtual Interview tool, where they can both practice and watch model answers. The second activity also includes a group exercise where students discuss each stage of preparation including researching a company, deciding what to wear, and finding the interview location, before sharing advice with each other.

How can students practice different mock interviews?

You can work through the Virtual Interview practice tool with your students, where they will be able to respond to different types of interviews that each last five minutes and feature six questions. Students are reminded to think about the STAR process when crafting their answers.  

How to teach interview skills with LifeSkills

There are a range of different lessons to help students boost their interview skills. To take this lesson further, try the Interview success lesson. Check out the Listening and presenting (communication) lesson and Problem solving lesson to improve their core transferable skills. Our Content guide has more information on how LifeSkills resources can be used in PSHE, English lessons and much more.

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