11-14 14-16 10 - 25 minutes

Let’s talk careers quick-fire activity

This quick-fire activity focuses on helping young people generate discussion with their peers about the skills, knowledge and experience that can help them reach their career goals. It features:

  • A template for a career-themed origami ‘chatterbox’, which students can cut out and assemble, providing an interactive way to engage with their peers on different topics around workplace goals and ambitions
  • Discussion questions to help you embed the chatterbox activity and careers conversations into an employability session*
  • Links to related content, which can be used to extend the lesson and further students’ learning. You may want to use individual sections from these suggestions, or incorporate multiple activities to create a fuller lesson. The links within the PDF will take you directly to the resources, which provide more information about the timings, activity themes and content

*This activity has been created with the Gatsby benchmarks in mind, and includes guidance on how Careers Leads may wish to use this resource as part of their Careers Strategy planning. For more information on how LifeSkills can support delivery of the Careers Strategy in your curriculum, visit our dedicated page.

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Let’s talk careers quick-fire activity


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