14-16 60 - 90 minutes

Money skills lesson one: Understanding and managing debt

This is lesson one of four focusing on Money Skills for young people aged 14-16. This lesson is designed to help students consider the advantages and disadvantages of using credit when compared to saving to make purchases.

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Lesson learning outcomes

By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

  • Identify ways of reducing spending and saving regularly by completing a budget
  • Discuss different reasons for, and ways of, borrowing money
  • Complete a savings action plan

Read on for further ideas about using these activities in your lessons.

How can you use this lesson with your students to improve their budgeting skills?

This lesson focuses on improving students’ understanding of budgeting and how life choices can impact on a person’s finances. It includes scenarios that allow students to become ‘money mentors’ and practise balancing the income and expenses of four characters in different situations.

How can this lesson further your students’ understanding of credit and borrowing?

It includes both discussion and interactive elements that explore savings and credit, particularly the difference between using each to make a large purchase. They will consider different situations in which a person might borrow money. Additionally, the activities explore the money worries and dream items of each character. Students will work in a group to create an action plan for each. The lesson also includes the opportunity for students to share their plan to the class through a presentation.

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Follow this lesson with the remaining three money skills lessons for this age group, which cover 'Money and work', 'Financial risk and security' and 'The future of money'. Why not build financial capability as a focus in your wider curriculum? Refer to our 'Content guide' to find out how this LifeSkills resource can be used in PSHE or Maths lessons.

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Money skills lesson one: Understanding and managing debt

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