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Payments: past, present and future


Payments: past, present and future is one of five lesson plans belonging to our primary school financial literacy content for ages 7-11 in P4-7 or Years 3-6 to teach children about money. We recommend that you start with Samir’s birthday budget challenge and then complete the remaining four lessons (which all contain interactive challenges) in any order, alternatively you can use them as standalone resources. 

  • Payments: past, present and future: Lesson plan – for use with a group of students in the classroom or in a remote session
  • Payments: past, present and future: Presentation slides – to display to pupils and use alongside the lesson plan, with interactive fields to complete activities as a class

The Payments: past, present and future lesson encourages pupils to explore and discuss the various payment methods of the past, including bartering and livestock, and gets them to think about what the future of money could look like. It helps to develop the core transferable skills of creativity and communication during a writing task, focusing on keeping money safe and planning their own budget.

The activity requires access to a screen and is designed to be completed as a class, either in the classroom or remotely.

Lesson learning outcomes

By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to:

  • Feel confident and in control of their financial situation
  • Understand the value of money
  • Understand how to manage and use money in an increasingly digital and cashless society
  • Understand how to keep money safe


How does this activity support financial education across the primary curriculum?

This content supports the Financial Education Planning Frameworks to help you deliver financial education across your primary school curriculum for P4-7 or Years 3-6 (KS2). The lesson can be used flexibly as a standalone resource or delivered as part of a series alongside the other four activities, and help develop Core transferable skills as well as financial capability.

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Payments: past, present and future

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Payments; past, present and future: Lesson plan


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