An introduction to LifeSkills for adult educators resources

LifeSkills created with Barclays aims to help all people in the UK, whether that’s a young person preparing for their first job, to someone wanting to progress in their career, make changes to their working life or even start their own business.

The free programme supports adult learners to develop their employability and financial capability skills, guidance for applying for jobs or changing careers, and also covers areas such as money management, securing a job and wellbeing.

You can access short, flexible modules to work through directly with your learners, and if they’d like to learn independently, individuals can also access online interactive tools, tips and resources.

If you’re new to LifeSkills, why not start with our introduction film which provides an overview of what’s available, and how to use and find relevant content on the site.

To make the most of LifeSkills, you can download this overview which highlights the range of resources shown in the film. Click here to get in touch if you have any queries or want to know more.

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An introduction to LifeSkills for adult learners resources


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