Your guide to coaching adult learners

The educator delivery guide is your introduction to the programme and an all in one guide to all of the content we have for adult learners. It is designed to help you get the best out of the programme. 

It includes everything you need to deliver the modules:

A step by step delivery guide

Detailing our three stage process involving the LifeSkills wheel (your initial learner assessment tool), the goal setting tools (including information and tips on how to motivate your learner) and an overview of the modules and which areas of the wheel they relate to.

How to tailor LifeSkills to your organisation 

Advice on how to deliver the initial steps in the time you have available.

Supporting your learners through the programme

LifeSkills follows a coaching-based approach to create a trusting, non judgemental and positive space in which learners can come to their own answers through open questioning and active listening. 

You don’t need to be a trained coach to deliver these modules. The educator delivery guide gives you an overview of the core principles of coaching, from ‘it’s always their agenda’ to being ‘solution-focused’ to help you motivate and build the confidence of your learners.

Overcoming challenges

Tips for educators when dealing with emotional scenarios, negative personalities and learners who are stuck.

Further support for remote delivery

In addition to the guide and tools, the following film has been designed to help to those working remotely with adult learners. Watch it to discover top tips on running an engaging and inspiring virtual employability session:

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Delivery guide and tools for coaching adults

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Educator delivery guide


Where am I now - LifeSkills wheel

PDF 160.3KB

Where am I now? - LifeSkills Wheel examples

PDF 775.6KB

Goal setting and action planning


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