Employability skills

Economic, societal and technological forces are changing the world of work, which has led to core transferable skills becoming increasingly valuable to employers. It's also key that young people know how to present themselves and demonstrate such skills when applying for jobs. We've created a set of interactive worksheets, adapted from our lesson plans to help students develop the skills needed around these topics. 

The worksheets are designed for 14-19 year olds and can be downloaded and shared with students as independent learning activities or can be used to complement the relevant lesson plans. We also have online lesson films around some of the themes below for your students to watch remotely. 


Core transferable skills: Activity worksheets


Gaining employment: Activity worksheets

The CV activities follow on from one another:

  1. What makes a winning CV?
  2. Creating a standout CV
  3. Adapting a CV and writing an impressive cover letter


The interview activities also follow on from one another:

  1. Adapting to different types on interview
  2. Virtual interview practice 


Core transferable skills: Lesson plans


Gaining employment: Lesson plans 


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