Get the most out of LifeSkills

Want to know more about how LifeSkills can help inspire your students to get the skills they need for a better future?

We want to help you discover all that LifeSkills has to offer to support you to get your students ready for the world of work. From education resources and online content to volunteer-led lessons, events and work experience, this section gives you all you need to know about getting to grips with LifeSkills.

Our introductory film gives an overview of the free resources, tools, interactive challenges and other online content that you can access once registered. You can also find out how to request a Barclays volunteer to deliver a lesson for students, as well as more about our work experience programme.

To find out how LifeSkills is making a difference to youth unemployment and young people’s aspirations, take a look at our most recent Impact Report.

For direct links to LifeSkills lessons, volunteer-led lessons, tutor time activities, interactive content and more, download our Content Guide where you can select your subject, student age and curriculum requirement. 

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