Making the most of LifeSkills for adult learners

For educators working with adult learners, we recommend a three-stage approach to ensure that they get the most out of the LifeSkills programme:

Step 1: LifeSkills wheel 

When you start the programme, the first tool you should use is the LifeSkills wheel. This is a simple but powerful initial assessment tool which gives your learners a snapshot of the areas in their life they need to develop relating to their work or finances.

Step 2: Goal setting

Once your learners have used the LifeSkills wheel to identify an area they want to focus on, use this tool to empower them to set goals and plan how to achieve them, step-by-step. 

Step 3: The Modules 

Choosing an area to focus on and setting achievable goals will help identify which modules to use with your learners. Designed to be short, relevant and flexible, there are 30 to choose from, based around financial capability and employability skills, which can be adjusted based on time limitations and the degree of support your learners require.

More advice on each of the steps can be found in the guide to coaching adults.

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