Online lessons

LifeSkills has partnered with education charities The Talent Foundry and Business in the Community to create lessons that can be watched by students remotely. We have developed interactive worksheets which can be used alongside some of these films, its indicated which ones below.


Money skills

This lesson can be used in conjunction with the worksheet activity around fraud and scams

Be fraud aware


Ask your students to watch Luke's story below to support the activity around developing wellbeing coping strategies. It focuses on studying for GCSE's to support those students taking equivalent important exams next academic year. The stress bucket challenge online lesson can also be used with these or as a standalone resource. 

Luke's story

The stress bucket challenge

Employability skills

Why not complement these online lessons around CV writing with the CV worksheet activities?

Your CV part 1

Your CV part 2

The following online lesson around enterprise skills can be used in conjunction with a worksheet activity around the enterprising ingredient of creativity

Enterprise skills

The following online lesson around recognising and building personal skills could be used to introduce students to the topic before they complete an worksheet activity to identify their own skills and strengths in the Spin the wheel of strengths activity

Recognising and building personal skills

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