Activities to build back motivation and confidence for students’ return to school or college

Supporting students to settle back into the classroom, particularly those returning to school or college after lockdown, will be a key priority. Whether you and your students have been in class during the pandemic or have only recently returned, we understand that some will need additional help to get back into the right mindset. They may be feeling disengaged and lacking in structure and confidence, or daunted by social interactions with teachers and their peers. Despite these challenges, students will have developed important transferable skills over the last year that can be built upon to help them reach their full potential.

By focusing on aspirations and skills development, you can help boost their motivation and engagement across the curriculum. That’s why LifeSkills has created a series of flexible, ready-to-use resource packs for educators that can be used in a number of settings to develop students’ confidence and communication skills. The activities and worksheets are perfect to build into your sessions as school work, or set to students as independent learning.

The content draws on in-depth research conducted with educators and vulnerable groups, to focus on themes which we know positively impact students’ concentration in classes and their motivation to learn.* 

  • Exploring aspirations, skills and strengths for the future
  • Building self-confidence and communication skills
  • Developing their mindset and setting goals for the future

*LifeSkills Deep Impact Report, Chrysalis research 2019

Explore all of the above themes through the full suite of activities and worksheets which can be downloaded from this page. Each pack includes content for quick starter activities and longer standalone sessions.

The resource packs have been designed to be flexible so that they can be used in a number of ways:

  • As shorter activities for the start of subject lessons or form time to build these themes into existing sessions
  • As longer activities in careers and PSHE sessions to build aspirations and confidence, helping students understand how what they are learning now links to their future goals
  • Deliver all three packs in a series of sessions with a targeted group to support the most vulnerable with this transition period
  • Signpost students to the interactive tools and case studies as a way to embed these themes and continue their learning independently



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Boosting motivation and aspirations - resource pack


Building confidence and communication - resource pack

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