Tes professional development course for employability skills

LifeSkills have partnered with tes to help you plan tailored lessons and embed employability skills across the curriculum. Start by reflecting on which employability skills your organisation wants to develop in your young people. You can then learn more about the core transferable skills which are becoming increasingly critical to employers, alongside other skills that are already front of mind, by working through the latest tes professional development course. In the course you will explore how you can best to support young people for the world of work through your day to day teaching. The tes course and the LifeSkills shorter core transferable skills lessons all aim to help you plan an approach to helping your young people develop and understand why transferable skills are important. Let’s work together to ensure every young person is able to grow their skills year on year and enter the world of work with employability skills on a par with literacy and numeracy.

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