The skills needed for future jobs

A jobs landscape that looks so different demands a fresh set of skills, many of which are already starting to be embedded. Trends in the world, in the way we live and in the workplace shape the types of skills employers are increasingly needing.

Source: Ian Pearson, Futurologist and author of You Tomorrow, quoted in ’10 Well paid jobs of the future’,, 25 February 2013

Source: the Bloomberg Job Skills Report, 2015: ‘What Recruiters Really Want’

Employer Skills Survey 2015, Evidence Report 97, UKCES, January 2016 and Workforce Survey, British Chambers of Commerce, July 2014, http:⁄⁄⁄press-office⁄press-releases⁄bcc-workforce-survey-2014-firms-investing-to-counter-persistent-skills-shortages.html

More about the future world of work

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