It’s crucial to support young people learn to manage and maintain good wellbeing. These activities can help your young person to develop coping strategies and maintain a positive attitude. We've created a set of interactive worksheets, adapted from our lesson plans to help students develop the skills needed around these topics. 

The worksheets are designed for 14-19 year olds and can be downloaded and shared with students as independent learning activities or can be used to complement the relevant lesson plans. As indicated, we have some online lesson films around the topic of Wellbeing for students to watch remotely. 


Activity worksheets

  1. Meeting challenges with confidence
  2. Skills for staying positive
  3. Wellbeing coping strategies 
    • Note that given the sensitive nature of this content, we would recommend delivering the Wellbeing copying strategies activity along with the Luke's story online lesson
    • The Stress Bucket challenge online lesson 


Audio case studies to support activities

Case study: Staying positive
Case study: Problem solving

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