Where am I now?

A key part of improving is being able to identify the areas one needs to develop that will have the most impact.

We suggest you start the programme with an initial learner assessment using the LifeSkills wheel – a simple but powerful tool that will give your learners a snapshot of how confident and satisfied they are with areas of their life, relating to their work or finances. 

Support your learners to identify the area where change would have the greatest impact. An online questionnaire helps you and your learners to understand their confidence in eight different areas. Based on the result, the wheel will then recommend module content you can use with your learner and track their progress.

So goals are achievable, it’s recommended to only focus on one area with your learner to start with.

Where you and your learners are unable to go online during your time together, there is a physical version, with examples, which can be downloaded on the right of this page. The LifeSkills wheel examples can also be used to support your learner to complete their initial assessment.

There are additional optional activities in the educator delivery guide to help you support learners through this initial assessment.

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Where am I now?

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Where am I now LifeSkills wheel

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