Economic, societal and technological forces are changing the world of work, and skills like problem solving and communication are becoming increasingly valuable to employers. These resources can help equip your young person with the skills and confidence to help them shape their CV’s and prepare for interviews so they can  succeed in the workplace.

You don’t need to be an expert on the subject as guidance and example answers are provided for you, and the worksheets can be printed, or viewed and completed online, young people can watch our online lessons too.

Tips for learning styles to master confidence and transferable skills
Top tips for communication
The enterprising ingredient of creativity
Problem solving in practice
Encourage your young person to spin the wheel of strengths
What makes a winning CV?
How to create a stand out CV
Adapting CVs and writing impressive cover letters
Adapting to different types of interview
Virtual interview skills practice

Online lessons

LifeSkills has partnered with education charities The Talent Foundry and Business in the Community to deliver lessons that can be watched at home. The following online lessons help young people to understand enterprise skills, which skills are most sought after by employers and how they may need to adapt these in different situations and showcase them on their CV.  

Further online lessons are available on the topics of money skills and wellbeing.

Recognising and building personal skills online lesson:

Your CV Part 1 online lesson:

Your CV Part 2 online lesson:

Enterprise skills online lesson:

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