Negotiating and persuading lesson

Negotiating and persuading lesson Negotiating and persuading lesson Negotiating and persuading lesson Negotiating and persuading lesson

This lesson focuses on helping students develop the skills of negotiation and persuasion. It links these skills to building an enterprising mindset and succeeding in the rapidly changing world of work. Students will learn about negotiation techniques and how to persuade effectively.

By the end of the lesson students will be able to:

  • Recognise the difference between negotiation and persuasion
  • Reflect on where they have seen negotiation and persuasion in action
  • Understand how both are key to being enterprising
  • Identify the core transferable skills needed to effectively persuade others

How can students get the most out of this lesson?

To benefit from this lesson it is important that students recognise that negotiation and persuasion are two skills which take conscious effort to develop. To get them thinking about the practical applications of these skills in the world of work, encourage them to explore the ‘Your enterprise journey’ interactive tool. Students can independently discover the combinations of skills and qualities, including negotiation and persuasion, that they will need to build an enterprising mindset.

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