Whether you know the kind of job you want or need a bit of inspiration, looking into different the types of roles and industries out there can help you choose a career path.

Over 5,500 people visited our Job Board tool in 2021.

What is the Job Board tool?

The Job Board tool helps you to explore a wide range of roles and the skills required to do them.  You can use these as a starting point to think about the kind of work you are interested in and the qualifications needed for those choices.

How do you use it?

The Job Board displays 50 different job roles, some you may have heard of and others you might not know much about.  Simply click on a job to find out more and see which skills best suit it.

What key things do I need to think about?

You can start with jobs you already know or have considered for yourself, perhaps you would like to become a paramedic, or a youth worker.  When you click on a role, you’ll see the skills you’d need to develop. 

You might then want to look at jobs you haven’t heard of or considered before to explore those further.  Remember, if you find a role you like the sound of, it’s ok if you don’t have all the skills listed; skills can be learnt and developed over time and there are lots of LifeSkills resources to help you with that.

How long will it take?

The tool should take approx. 10-20 mins depending on how many roles you choose to explore. You will need to create a free LifeSkills account to use this tool.

Once you’ve used the Job Board tool, check out the Wheel of Strengths to help you identify your key skills and interests and matches them to various job roles.