Discover your personality type

Discover your personality type Discover your personality type Discover your personality type Discover your personality type

Understanding yourself and others better will help you communicate more effectively in the workplace. Of course, everybody is different, but people often display, or have character traits, which fall into one of two distinct personality types, shown below. These are extremes though, there is no right or wrong personality type or trait.

  • Introverts: generally quiet and inwardly thoughtful
  • Extroverts: more talkative and outgoing

Then again, many people don’t fit into either category. ‘Ambiverts’ have characteristics of both introverts and extroverts depending on the situation.

People often think introverts are shy or anti-social, but they just prefer more peaceful environments and get their energy from quiet time and reflection. While extroverts need to be around other people to recharge their batteries.

Know yourself

Go through the following lists and decide which characteristics from either column you relate to the most.


Comfortable alone
Has a small group of close friends
Thinks before starting activities
Gets energy from time alone
Processes thoughts internally
Is a ‘thinker’ (often an over-thinker)


People person
Comfortable in groups
Has a wide range of friends and acquaintances
Jumps quickly into activities
Gets energised from being around others
Thinks aloud
Is a ‘talker’

One way to find out more about yourself is to take a personality test – there are a number of different types online – or speak to someone you trust about your most prominent personality traits. When you’re ready, check out this module on getting your opinion across for a useful guide to more effective communication when dealing with others, whatever your personality type.