Money personality quiz

Money plays a key role in everybody’s life. Whether we feel we have a lot, a sufficient amount, or not enough, the ways that we act around money could have major influences on our futures and the way we live our lives.

Have you ever considered what your money personality is?

Money personality is not simply your attitude and behaviours around spending and saving - it’s much more than that. From your behaviour with other people’s money to the ways you go about getting money, the quiz can help you work out your personality and how you can improve.

As well as an overall score, the quiz breaks down your score into four key sections:

Money morals
What your general behaviours and attitudes are towards money, and how you behave with other people’s money.

Spending vs. saving
When you do have money, what do you tend to do with it? Are your spending habits influenced by external factors?

Money management
Money management is important in preparing your finances for the future. This includes the ways you look after and keep track of the money you have.

Getting money
What routes do you take to get more money when you need or want it?

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