Top careers of the future

Top careers of the future Top careers of the future Top careers of the future Top careers of the future

The world is constantly evolving and due to a range of economical, societal and technology factors so is the job landscape. From industries such as farming to architecture, have you ever wondered what the jobs of the future might be? We could begin to see new roles emerge but many jobs available today will still be required, it just may be that the way they are done changes. An important point is that there are a certain set of skills which will help with new and existing roles, these range from creativity, communication, problem solving, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and adaptability. 

Take a look through our guide outlining the jobs of the future. It covers a range of industries and roles likely to be needed in the future, along with the skills required and approximate starting salaries. For more insight on around the set of core transferable skills watch our animation here.