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Supporting careers education in Wales

Find out how LifeSkills supports careers and skills strategies for educators in Wales, in alignment with the curriculum for Wales.

Supporting careers education in Northern Ireland

Find out how LifeSkills supports careers and skills strategies for educators in NI, in alignment with the NI curriculum.

Supporting careers education in Scotland

Find out how LifeSkills supports careers and skills strategies for educators in Scotland, in alignment with the curriculum for excellence.

Preparing for interview success

Interviews can be a stressful experience for anyone. Help your young adult feel prepared and go to interviews with confidence with these resources.

Preparing for different kinds of interview

Getting ready for a range of interviews can help to boost confidence. Encourage your child to understand the different types, and be familiar with the STAR model.

Virtual interviews: making a great first impression

Support your child to ace interviews and impress potential employers with our interactive tool. Includes a worksheet.

Interview skills lesson

Help students equip themselves with the tools to prepare for interviews, so they can perfect their technique and impress employers.

Interview success lesson

Help older students understand how to sell their strengths in an interview and get practice perfecting answers to typical interview questions.

Using the Virtual Interview Practice tool lesson

Prepare students and jobseekers for interviews, with this interactive tool to help them step into an interview with confidence.

SEND Interview skills lesson

This lesson is designed to help students with SEND/ALN understand the purposes of different types of interview and how to prepare for them using the STAR method.

Types of interview

You’ve been invited for an interview or assessment, but what kind? What is the employer looking for? Panic no more with this handy guide.

5 steps to the perfect interview

Kirstie Mackey, Head of LifeSkills, provides her expert advice on preparing for interviews.

Handling nerves at job interviews

When you feel overwhelmed, it’s good to have some tips on hand to keep the nerves – and your interview – under control.

How not to perform in an interview

With a little help (okay, a lot) from Christopher Bingham, Oli White turns his interview fail into a win.

10 step guide on how to prepare for an interview

Tips and practical advice to help you prepare for your interview and keep the butterflies at bay

What should I wear for my interview?

Employers can make up their mind about you within minutes. Sort out your interview look and get off to a top start.

Top 5 questions to ask at an interview

Ask the right questions to make a great impression and get the information you need at your next big interview.

5 basic tips for interview success

In preparation for your next job interview, we’ve listed five important areas to focus on to set you up for success.

5 must-haves for interview success

Discover some straightforward tips that can help you not just get through your next interview, but nail it.

Everything you need to know for your next job interview

Job interviews don’t have to be daunting. Give your confidence a boost and find out how to perform at your best with our top tips.

I want to prepare for an interview

From your very first to your 21st, interviews can be nerve-wracking. Don’t panic. Get prepared, confident and ready to stand out for all the right reasons with these tips and tricks.

The Virtual interview practice tool: An educator’s experien

Find out how the ‘interview practice tool’ can help your students feel confident in an interview situation.

Interview skills 1: Get the best start

This module will introduce learners to the purpose of interviews and how to prepare for one: what to wear, how to research a company and how to make a great first impression.

Interview skills 2: Practical answering techniques

This module will introduce learners to the STAR technique, a simple model they can use during interviews to structure their experiences and give meaningful, evidence-based answers.

Interview skills 3: Preparing for assessments

Introduce different types of interview and assessments learners may be invited to, and apply what they've learnt to a mock interview to build confidence.

How to show confident body language

From presentations to interviews, make sure your body language is saying what you want it to.

Practice your interview skills with a virtual job interview

Rehearse answers to common questions with our virtual interview practice.

Young People hub

Use our interactive tools and resources to reflect on your skills and develop new ones, stay safe online, write your CV and prepare for interviews.

CVs and job applications

Creating a great first impression when applying for jobs is key. These resources can help your young adult create a standout CV and prepare for the job application process.

Growth mindset toolkit

Develop core transferable skills and the kind of mindset that will support students as they transition from education into the world of work.

Networking skills lesson

Explain the benefits to and different types of networking, top tips and how inclusive behaviour can support networking skills.

Tailoring your CV and using networks lesson

Help students understand networking and how to improve their CV.

SEND Networking skills lesson

This lesson is designed to help students with SEND/ALN identify what networking is, what skills they need to network well and how it can help them in their career.

CV skills 1: Showing your best you

Find out how to write an accurate, relevant CV that can help learners secure a job interview.

Preparing for employment: remote learning activities

Help your young people know how to successfully present themselves on their CV and during interviews through our Interactive worksheets and Online lesson films.

Assessment Centre Days; what to expect

What is an assessment centre, and how do I prepare for it? Get informed and feel more confident.

Skills Assessment - Online Practice Test

Try the kind of tests employers use, and get ready for the real thing.

Putting proactivity into action

Now’s your chance to put proactivity into action by using these five tips and taking our ‘Above and Beyond’ challenge.