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Saving money and budgeting

Money management is an important skill for everyone. These resources will help your young adult understand the benefits of saving and budgeting.

Making the most of money

With so many choices of how to spend our money, helping your child recognise what value for money is is an important skill for life.

Saving money and sticking to a budget

Saving money and keeping to a budget are skills you’re never too young to learn. Help your child understand the importance of money management. Includes worksheet.

Recognising fraud and staying safe online

Fraudsters are getting smarter so it is important that everyone knows how to recognise the risks and stay safe. These resources will help your young adult do just that.

Top tips for saving

Saving money is an important skill to master. Sharing tips for saving money can help prepare your child for unexpected costs in the future.

Budgeting basics

Budgeting is one of the most important skills to master when managing money, introducing this to children when they are young will help set them up for their adult life.

Becoming financially independent

Help your young person become more confident in dealing with money as their responsibility increases.

Needs and wants

This interactive tool helps young people think about the differences between needs and wants, and how these might affect spending habits.

Identifying fraud and scams

Being aware of hackers and scammers is more important now than ever. Discover our top tips and tricks to help your child stay safe online. Includes worksheet.