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Let’s talk about money

Two friends discuss how they make it through the month, keep out of the red and stay on top of money matters.

Money Personality Quiz

Understanding how you behave with money and how you can improve are the first steps towards developing good money skills.

5 ways to enjoy Christmas without overspending

Christmas can get expensive, so try these 5 tips to help make your money last

I want to get to grips with money and fraud

Use our tools and tips to help you plan and steer clear of bad money habits

What is phishing and online fraud?

Get the lowdown on cyber speak to help protect your personal information and money

8 ways to stay safe online

We spend a lot of our time online, from shopping, paying bills to chatting, but it’s important to make sure you keep your information and money safe

Make it Through the Month

Show you understand how to manage your money over the course of the month, by choosing between wants, needs and dealing with unexpected payments along the way.

Payslips explained

Find out how to read your payslips and understand where your money goes.

5 smart saving tips

Saving your money can be tricky so here’s some quick tips to help you get started.

Getting the most out of independent living

Being newly independent is exciting, but can be daunting. From help juggling bills to top budgeting tips, learn to manage money like a boss.

Independent living

Kieran alleviates some common fears around independent living, and offers a bit of hard won advice.

Needs vs wants tool

Explore the definition of needs and wants and practise separating such items out with our interactive tool, to help develop good money habits.

34 Ways to save

34 ways to save money and improve your spending habits throughout all areas of your life, including technology, food, shopping, travel and socialising.

Money Talks

Get the lowdown on bank accounts and the different financial terms to put them into a context that will help you remember what they mean.

Know your Money Terms

It’s tempting to tune out when you hear bank-speak, but knowing the basics will help you stay in control of your cash.

Budgeting and how to stay out of debt

The chances are we’ll all have some debt at some point in our lives, but it’s important to budget and not to let it spiral out of control

How much does borrowing cost?

What is a credit card, overdraft and loan, we explain how they work and the costs involved

Your money and your life

Decisions made in on one life stage can have a knock-on effect in later ones. Look at how Joe, Mark and Sally spent or borrowed at certain stages in their lives and why it is wise to look ahead.

Why Salary isn’t Everything

Salary is an important factor in choosing the right job, but here are some of the other benefits an employer can offer you that are also worth considering.

Managing your debt – online lesson

In our virtual lesson find out more about how to manage your debt, review your spending and who to contact for additional support.

Understanding banks and money management

Help learners to understand the different types of bank accounts available and how each type can be used to help manage their money.

How to save more money

This module will help learners identify their spending and saving habits, using case studies to help with distancing.

Filling out application forms confidently

Discover our top tips for filling in application forms and have a practise with a job application example template.

Managing your debt

This module helps learners to identify bills they need to pay, looks at how we get into debt and how to prioritise repaying bills.

Taking control of your income

This module will help learners to understand their income, including from work and other sources such as benefits, and understand the main features of a payslip.

Understanding bank accounts and your statements

This module helps learners to learn about different types of bank account, how to open an account and understand their bank statements.

Building key financial management and negotiation skills

Focus on key finance skills that will be useful in a wide variety of jobs, especially roles that include looking after any size of budget.

Becoming financially responsible

Support individuals who are taking on sole financial responsibility, likely due to a change in their circumstances.

Explaining the importance of insurance

This module will introduce learners to the concept of insurance, and why it is an important part of financial stability and independence.

Keeping safe against cybercrime

This module will focus on how individuals can keep their finances safe online by protecting their personal information and recognising risks of fraud, scams and identity theft.