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Money Personality Quiz

Understanding how you behave with money and how you can improve are the first steps towards developing good money skills.

Make it Through the Month

Show you understand how to manage your money over the course of the month, by choosing between wants, needs and dealing with unexpected payments along the way.

Needs vs wants tool

Explore the definition of needs and wants and practise separating such items out with our interactive tool, to help develop good money habits.

34 Ways to save

34 ways to save money and improve your spending habits throughout all areas of your life, including technology, food, shopping, travel and socialising.

Money Talks

Get the lowdown on bank accounts and the different financial terms to put them into a context that will help you remember what they mean.

Know your Money Terms

It’s tempting to tune out when you hear bank-speak, but knowing the basics will help you stay in control of your cash.