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Money Personality Quiz

Understanding how you behave with money and how you can improve are the first steps towards developing good money skills.

What is phishing and online fraud?

Get the lowdown on cyber speak to help protect your personal information and money

8 ways to stay safe online

We spend a lot of our time online, from shopping, paying bills to chatting, but it’s important to make sure you keep your information and money safe

Make it Through the Month

Show you understand how to manage your money over the course of the month, by choosing between wants, needs and dealing with unexpected payments along the way.

Getting the most out of independent living

Being newly independent is exciting, but can be daunting. From help juggling bills to top budgeting tips, learn to manage money like a boss.

Budgeting and how to stay out of debt

The chances are we’ll all have some debt at some point in our lives, but it’s important to budget and not to let it spiral out of control

Why Salary isn’t Everything

Salary is an important factor in choosing the right job, but here are some of the other benefits an employer can offer you that are also worth considering.

Managing your debt – online lesson

In our virtual lesson find out more about how to manage your debt, review your spending and who to contact for additional support.