LifeSkills Unpacked

Get ready to join LifeSkills Unpacked - a weeklong CPD event where educators can learn more about why investing in young people’s core transferable skills is more important than ever.

As economic, societal and technological advances increase the pace of change in the workplace, today’s young people need to be able to adapt more than any other generation. With LifeSkills Unpacked, we’re here to support educators in continuing to grow their own personal development with our series of keynotes, panel discussions, webinars and resources. Upskill yourself in this area and build a greater understanding of the current skills gap shortages and future opportunities for your students.

Find out more below about what’s happening in the week.



Learn about the big shifts in the labour market, why businesses are so worried about skills shortages plus practical takeaways and top tips with our live launch day webinar



Improve your awareness of the factors that can influence the development of your students’ career aspirations and hear from educators about how they’re developing and teaching core skills in the classroom.



Explore how the jobs of tomorrow will adapt to the green economy and the core skills needed to join this future workforce. Discover what you can start doing now with your students with our current resources.



Uncover the connection between finance and core transferable skills and learn how to have confident conversations around financial capability with your students.



Finish the week with our Unpacked takeaway guide. Dive deeper into the learnings from the week and discover top tips from educators on how LifeSkills can support your students.