How to make your temporary Christmas job last all year

A Christmas job doesn’t have to just be for Christmas. You’re really keen to earn a few extra pennies over the festive period, but why should that stop on January the 1st? Here are our top tips to try and make that temporary job permanent.

Talk to people

Your manager, other temporary employees, permanent employees. Christmas is a particularly busy period, so it’s not a good idea to pester people, but fitting in to the work environment and making an effort with the people you work with is a good way to make a positive impression.

Be proactive

If the possibility of a permanent role, or further temporary work, hasn’t been discussed, take the time to chat to your manager about it. Explain that you’re enjoying the role and the work environment and learning a lot, and that if the possibility of further work, or a permanent role were to come up, that you would be interested in applying. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice about this, it shows that you’re proactive and keen which are positive qualities to any employer.

Don’t treat it like a temporary job

It may seem obvious, but be on time, be friendly, be positive and enthusiastic, and make sure you dress appropriately for the role. Acting in the same way you would if the job was permanent shows you take yourself and the role seriously, and gives your employer an impression of what you would be like in a permanent role. Perfect!

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