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How LifeSkills can support you right now

Are you ready to think about the areas you might like to develop further? Spin the Wheel of Strengths and reflect on not only your skills, but also your interests and personality traits, and how to develop them further to support your future.

Below, you’ll find just a few of the interactive tools, films, and activities available for you to use from age 14+, right now on your own, with family, or with other support.

Wheel of Strengths

Discover which jobs could suit you by picking your current skills, interests and personality traits.

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Wheel Of Strengths

Dealing with pressure

Discover some popular tips to deal with pressure, by mastering techniques that will help you to keep your mental health in a good place.

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Visit our blog, packed full of tips and inspiration to help you on your journey through education and work.

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Transferable skills

Learn about transferable skills, what they are and how they can help in life and at work.

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