Supporting your learners through the programme

LifeSkills follows a coaching-based approach to create a trusting, non-judgemental and positive space in which learners can come to their own answers through open questioning and active listening.

You don’t need to be a trained coach to deliver these modules. The educator delivery guide gives you an overview of the core principles of coaching – from ‘it’s always their agenda’ to being ‘solution-focused’.

You’ll also find a wealth of tips to help you motivate and build the confidence of your learners.

In order to get you better acquainted with our programme we’ve included a series of short introductory films below. These will help you navigate the adult educator hub and understand how the programme can be delivered.

Introduction to LifeSkills for adult learners

Understanding the modules and the delivery guide

How to use the LifeSkills Wheel

Supporting you

Overcoming challenges

Our modules are designed to be practical and solution-focused – in order to help your learners be more positive and confident about their situation.

LifeSkills is not qualified to advise you on dealing with specific health and wellbeing issues that your learners may face, you are the experts in your own field. However, we understand that with many people, these issues are inter-connected with life’s challenges such as money and work.

So, in the educator delivery guide, you’ll find tips on managing some difficult scenarios – including dealing with individuals who become emotional or motivating learners who don’t know what to do.

Accompanying LifeSkills tools