How to write a cracking cover letter

A message that you send alongside your CV when applying for a job, a cover letter is almost like your own personal advert, highlighting the most important things you want a prospective employer to know about you and why you are right for a job. It is a great way to stand out from the crowd and encourage the reader to open your CV.  A cover letter also allows you to emphasise your passion for the role and organisation.

You might not know how to start or structure a cover letter and there are a few things to consider when writing one for the first time. Log in or sign up to read through the example and see some more advice on how to avoid some common mistakes when writing a cover letter. Not all letters will necessarily be emails (like the example), but the same advice applies.

Don’t forget, even if your CV and LinkedIn profile are amazing, if you don’t have a great cover letter to go with them, they might not be read.