7 tips for managing stress

7 tips for managing stress 7 tips for managing stress 7 tips for managing stress 7 tips for managing stress

It's important to learn about managing stress. A little bit of stress before a big event can help your mind and body perform at their best. But sometimes stress works against you, making you feel tired, worried and bad tempered.

If that sounds all too familiar, watching our stress bucket challenge film below to identify what is causing the issue and then what you can do to alleviate it.

Once you’ve got to the source, why not try these useful stress-busting tips to help make your life calmer.

What are some tips to manage stress?

  1. Breathe - If you’re feeling a bit panicky, take a few deep breaths. Focus on your breathing, listen to it going in and out, and let the stress float away
  2. Exercise - because stress is a build up of adrenaline, you’ll feel a lot better if you release it through exercise – like cycling, running or even just a quick walk
  3. Share - try talking to someone about what’s making you feel stressed. Their perspective may help you feel calmer and their advice may help you make some decisions
  4. Distract yourself - spend some time on your hobbies: give your brain a chance to think intensely about something else
  5. Plan - if you’re feeling overwhelmed by having too many things to do, work out what your priorities are. Make a list and cross points off as you get them done
  6. Have fun - remember to see your friends and enjoy yourself. When you smile and laugh your body will begin to relax
  7. Stay healthy - eating healthily and regularly, and drinking lots of water will keep your body working for you, not against you. Fizzy drinks, sweets and caffeine all mess with your energy levels, and increase tiredness.

Now you’ve explored all of these tips, take a look at other ways to help your mind perform at its best with our How to change your mindset to take on a challenge article.