How to show confident body language

How to show confident body language How to show confident body language How to show confident body language How to show confident body language

You’re well prepared and rehearsed, dressed appropriately and you’re presenting with confidence and a dash of humour (nice one). So what’s with the less positive vibe you’re getting from the group? Could it be your body language? What are your hands doing?

It’s important to consider your body language in most situations like a job interview, presentation or when meeting someone you’re keen to impress. It can make a huge difference to how you come across.

Samuel explains more in this video:

When it’s possible, try to make small changes to your body language that will help you appear confident to other people.

  1. On the way to a job interview or important meeting, try listening to music that gets you in a positive mood
  2. If you can, keep your chin up and your shoulders back
  3. Make sure your arms are uncrossed when possible
  4. Lean forward to show interest and engagement
  5. If possible, ‘mirror’ the other person’s body language, but keep it subtle. It shows you are in agreement with them
  6. If you get nervous, think about the things you’ve learned to manage it

Check out TED Talks for inspiration and examples, or try out your body language skills on family and friends. It might feel a little bit awkward to begin with, but can very quickly become a fun and hugely confidence-building exercise, not to mention invaluable practise ahead of your next meeting or interview. Check out some more interview advice here.