Need advice on your future employment or education options? Looking for guidance for your future but not sure who you should speak to?

Use the Advice Map to find out more - whether you’re thinking about a job, training or work experience.

Explore the tool to reveal places to go for guidance and people to talk to who can help choosing the right employment or training opportunity for you.

Examples of where the Advice Map can take you:

  • Apprenticeships information to combine work and study
  • Recruitment sites to find part time and full-time jobs
  • Volunteering opportunities to boost your CV
  • Places to go to search for college and university information

When should I use the Advice Map?

Try the Advice Map when you are thinking about your future plans. It could be when you are planning your subject options and want to know requirements for courses or careers, or it could be when you are looking for a summer job. You can revisit the tool as many times as you like – why not bookmark it as a favourite page so it’s always easy to find?

How can I get the most out of the Advice Map?

Option 1 – have a browse and discover the different employability advice that is available to you

Option 2 – use with a specific goal e.g. finding out about college courses, and use the most relevant pins to take you through to further information, advice and guidance

What should I do next?

Check out the Wheel of Strengths to discover how your skills, interests and personality traits can be used to match you with jobs. Read this article on how to decide what to do after leaving school for an overview of different options.

If you’re thinking of applying to university, check out Zero Gravity, a digital app which can connect you with a mentor to support your journey into your dream university.