Estimated time required: 10-30 mins

Looking for inspiration on which job roles might be a good match for your current skills? Interested in different jobs but unsure what skills are required or how you could develop these skills?

Over 42,000 people visited our Wheel of Strengths in 2020.

What is the Wheel of Strengths?

The Wheel of Strengths tool helps you find out how your skills, interests and personality traits match up with a range of job roles. You may discover job roles you hadn’t thought of and be surprised at where your skills could take you. You could use the worksheet to record and reflect on what you find out and even create an action plan to help you to reach your ambitions.

Use the Wheel of Strengths when you are thinking about possible job roles and deciding how suitable they may be for you. This could be when you’re thinking about choosing a work experience placement, courses you might want to study, or it could simply be when you’re looking for a bit of inspiration on the world of careers.

Examples of what you can discover with the Wheel of Strengths:

  • Examples of job roles that match your current skills
  • How your personality traits and interests complement your skills
  • What other potential jobs are available if you improve particular skills further
  • How you can develop your existing skills and learn new ones

How do you use it?

We’ll ask you to select between two and seven skills, interests, and personality traits from a pre-populated list. You then spin the wheel and it generate roles that match your selections. We’ll also show you other roles you could open by developing additional skills.

There are two ways you can use the Wheel of Strengths tool.

Option 1 – complete the tool and explore the job role results that might suit you based on your current skills, interests, and personality traits. Research these roles further if any of them sound appealing.

Option 2 – complete the tool twice, the second time adding in the skills you would want to develop to reveal examples of other jobs that might also be a great match. The LifeSkills website is full of information on how you can improve these skills starting today.

You can revisit the tool as many times as you like – why not bookmark it as a favourite page so it’s always easy to find?

What do I need to use it?

All you need to get going with this tool is a free LifeSkills account.

What key things do I need to think about?

  • Your key skills
  • Your interests
  • Your personality traits

If you’re struggling to choose, try and think about how your family or friends might describe you.  You can choose between two to seven of each and always change your mind or come back to use the tool again.

How long will it take?

The tool should take no more than 10 minutes to do however take the time to read up on the roles that are recommended for you, and look at the recommended resources that can support your ongoing skill development. Perhaps you’ll learn about job roles you’d never considered before.

Once you’ve used the Wheel of Strengths, check out the Advice Map to find advice on your future employment or education options. Read this article on how to decide what to do after leaving school for an overview of different options.

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