How to be more efficient

How to be more efficient How to be more efficient How to be more efficient How to be more efficient

Whichever sort of job you’re thinking about doing, managing your time well and prioritising important tasks are crucial so that you get them done properly.

Consider the following five points to help you sort through the noise and get down to the task at hand quicker…

1. Remember the big picture

It’s tough being efficient and getting on with day-to-day tasks when you lose sight of the big picture. Reminding yourself of the long-term goals you’re working towards and what you need to do to get there, will help you focus on completing tasks efficiently.

2. Think about what to prioritise

Getting into the habit of working out which tasks are most important and how long they’ll take can help prioritise them and make your life easier. If there are two important things that have to be done, which do you do first? Figure out which is the most urgent, then plan your time before you crack on with it.

3. Things you want to do are not the same as things you have to do

That project deadline is looming, but let’s be honest, you’d rather watch a movie or churn through episodes of your favourite show. However, neglecting your coursework means it could end up half-baked, and not what you’re truly capable of. Taking the time to get your project done properly takes the guilt out of spending time on the things you want to do – and makes them more enjoyable.

4. Switch off social media

We’re constantly online, but there’s a snag: ten minutes checking texts and pinging messages can easily become an hour. And that means 50 minutes less on doing what’s really important. So, when you need to knuckle down and get something done, it helps to switch off your phone. And maybe put it in the next room if you feel you are not making progress.

5. Don’t sweat it

Time management is a skill and, like any skill, learning it takes practice. So don’t worry if at first, you don’t get it right.

Why not try an online time tracking tool. There are lots out there, like Toggl and Harvest*, so have a look for one that suits you. They’re really useful for helping you figure out exactly how much time you actually spend on different tasks. Or you could talk it through with someone to get an alternative view. Have difficulty finishing projects? Check out 5 ways to stay motivated for some tips and advice.

* Premium membership requires a monthly payment.