Inclusivity and diversity at work case studies

Inclusivity and diversity at work case studies

Why celebrate our differences?

No one is the same, and think how mundane life would be if that wasn’t true? Everybody is unique and therefore has different qualities to offer. We may differ from others due to the attributes we have, for example race, gender, ethnicity or sexuality.

Diversity and inclusion is all about making sure everyone is valued, respected and able to participate equally regardless of the different attributes they may have. Our differences are something to celebrate; not only does doing this help individuals to flourish and be themselves in everyday life and the workplace, but it also benefits organisations. Having inclusive cultures and diverse teams helps build relationships, gather more ideas, develops our confidence and skills and empowers us to bring out our best, most authentic selves to everything we do.

Five brilliantly unique stories

Get inspired to let your differences shine by listening to other people speak about their experiences. These are in relation to their personal attributes, diversity and inclusion in their place of work and how overcoming challenges has led to positive outcomes. Each story takes on a different topic, covering gender, LGBTQ+, age, culture and disability.

Case study: Gender
Case study: Age
Case study: LGBTQ+
Case study: Multicultural
Case study: Disability

If your students would benefit from support to help them be themselves and overcome issues that affect young people, such as bullying, digital wellbeing, mental health, relationships and identity, people visit– a leading and global youth organisation. Ditch the label also provides free resources for educators

Download full pack with all activities

Gender case study - transcript.pdf

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LGBTQ+ - case study transcript.pdf

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Age case study - transcript.pdf

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Multicultural case study - transcript.pdf

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Disability case study - transcript.pdf

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