Listening and problem solving skills can be essential in the workplace

Listening and problem solving skills can be essential in the workplace

Here are two important transferable skills for the world of work.  Watch the films and see how LifeSkills can help you to develop them and many more. 


Listening may sound like an obvious thing to remember to do, but training yourself to listen properly can play a key role in the way you communicate with other people. Being able to take in, process and act on information that you’ve heard or been told can help to make you more effective at work. Watch the film below to see how important listening can be, and then watch Sophie taking the communication challenge here.

Problem Solving

Challenges and problems crop up in the workplace as they do in our day-to-day lives. Understanding the basics of problem solving and how to approach challenges logically with a positive approach can help you arrive at solutions or recommendations. Watch the film below to see problem solving in action, and then discover more hereAlternatively, you can visit our problem solving hub for more tools and tips.

When you’re confident with these two skills, why not take a look at some other transferable skills such as proactivity, creativity, leadership and resilience? They will help give you a good basis to succeed in the workplace and are skills which can be transferred, or moved, from one setting to a different one – whether that’s from one job to another or a completely different industry.