Top tips for your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn. You’ve probably heard of it. You might even have a profile on it already. But you might not know how to use it to help you get ahead in your career. Check out our top tips below and make yourself stand out on LinkedIn.

But first, why should you even bother being on LinkedIn? Well, there are many reasons why you should have a go with this powerful social networking tool.

  • Crucially, it’s the world’s largest professional network*. You can search for jobs, promote yourself to employers and even boost your credibility through participating in groups and receiving endorsements.
  • It acts as a middle ground between you and employers – no more excuses for not being able to get the job you love. 
  • It has over 380 million users** (including over 19 million in the UK alone), growing at 2 new members per second, so the potential connections you could make are somewhat endless.
  • It provides a great online space to link through to other content that shows potential employers why you might be right for a job, such as a vlog that you’ve recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

P.S. Hopefully you’ve got a great CV that you can use as the basis for your LinkedIn profile, but if not, check out our CV Tips module to make sure your CV is on point. And if you haven’t created a CV yet, head over to our CV Builder to get started.

* Source: Introducing LinkedIn, Charles Hardy, July 2015
** Source: