Our interactive tool explores different types of interviews from the more traditional face to face to the more modern like video. When you apply for a job, there is quite a variety of different types of interviews and assessments you might be asked to do and will vary depending on the type of role, the industry, or the stage you’re at in the interview process. The good news is being familiar with what you might come up against can help you feel ready.

Boost your preparation even more by using the worksheet on the different types of interviews, and get familiar with answering those all-important interview questions using the STAR model to help you ace your answers.


  • Might be used to test specific abilities and/or judgement 
  • Employers can assess skills including digital, online communication and problem solving


  • Can be used to find out if you sound like a good match for the role before an invitation to meet face-to-face
  • You can ask any questions you may have about the employer or role
  • Employers can assess your confidence, verbal communication and listening skills


  • Employers can get to know you in person and discuss your relevant skills and experiences
  • Might be used to assess your confidence, face-to-face communication skills and punctuality


  • If the interview is in a different location, involves working remotely or from home, or you are unable to attend in person, a video call is a good replacement for a face-to-face interview
  • Video can be used to assess your confidence, face-to-face communication skills and to hear examples of key areas that are essential to the role (e.g. teamwork or problem solving)


  • Each person making up the panel could be assessing different things, and your role might link to each of theirs
  • Employers can evaluate how well you speak under pressure and to an audience


  • Employers can discover stand-out candidates within a group or when hiring for multiple roles
  • Candidates may be asked to complete tasks rather than answer questions
  • Especially used to assess teamwork and leadership skills, as well as communication and problem solving

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