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Terms of use

All teachers and students using the LifeSkills website (“Users’) shall comply with the following rules. Do read these Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) carefully before using the Website.
By accepting and/or using the Website, you are deemed to accept and be bound by these Terms. Conversely, you should not access or use the Website if you do not wish to be bound.

LifeSkills is an education programme for young people between 19 and 24 years old, created and led by Barclays. The aim of the LifeSkills website [https://www.barclayslifeskills.com] (hereafter the “Website”) is to help teachers in Singapore/India prepare their classes by providing them with online education materials. 


  • The Website can only be used by teachers and students between 19 and 24, in India/Singapore.
  • Teachers are solely responsible for ensuring that the online lessons they choose and the way they provide them to their students meet any local legal requirement.

Profile picture

  • Uploaded images used in profile picture designs must conform to the following requirements:
    • You must own the image or have the permission of the image owner to use it.
    • Your image should not include another person.
    • The image you choose for your profile picture must not contain any of the following:
    • Trademarks or company names – eg, images marked with ® or ™ signs
    • Images or text protected by copyright – eg, images marked with © or other watermarks or notations
    • Slogans, tag lines, branding, marketing or promotional products, services or images of companies
    • Images of, or the name or nickname of, celebrities, musicians, sportspersons, entertainers, public figures, film stars, cartoon characters, members of the royal family or other famous people
    • Contact information – eg, telephone numbers, URLs, Facebook and Twitter usernames account numbers, addresses or email addresses
    • Political statements or images relating to ethnicity or religion
    • Images of flags, except for the Union Jack/UK flag, St George’s Cross/English flag, St Andrew’s Cross/Scottish flag, The Red Dragon/Welsh flag and St Patrick’s Saltire/Northern Irish flag. If any of these are used, they can only be images of the original national flags and must not be edited, cropped or have any additional art work or writing on them
    • Images, signs, symbols or text relating to money, currency, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gangs, hatred, graffiti, betting, gambling, or financial products and services
    • Nudity
    • Offensive material – eg, images, signs, symbols or text relating to violence, death, injury, racism, cruelty, profanity, obscenity, weapons, firearms, ammunition or terrorism
    • Content where drinking, being drunk, smoking or gambling is the focus
    • Text, unless benign and in the English language
    • Any image that might reflect poorly or might engender hostility toward company brands, including MasterCard®, Visa® or Barclays
    • Any reference to the Olympic Games, World Cup or any other international branded event
    • Reference to any bank, building society or other monetary institution
    • Weapons, unless in a ceremonial context.
  • We will store the image you provide so that it can be displayed as part of your profile. It will only be visible to you and we will not use it for any other purpose.


  • Your account remains active as long as you use the Website regularly. However, we do not warrant that the Website, or any part of it, will be available at all times on account of servicing or for any other reason, and you acknowledge and accept this.
  • After a User has been inactive for 12 months, he/she is sent a notification by email to login in the next 3 months. Otherwise the account will be deactivated. Once the account is deactivated, Users’ Personal Data is aggregated with others for the purpose of our anonymous statistical analysis and then deleted from our systems. As a result, the User will need to create a new account if he/she wishes to access again the Website.
  • Barclays reserves the right to amend at any time the content of the Website, temporarily restrict or block access to any part or all of the Website, or to terminate/withdraw it without prior notice. Barclays cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequence for users resulting from this decision.
  • Whilst we reasonably endeavor to ensure that all information on the Website is correct, up to date and complete, we disclaim any express or implied warranties as to the completeness or accuracy of the Website or its content, and accept no liability. Barclays also disclaims liability for any changes made to the Website or its content by unauthorised third parties.
  • You will review and exercise care in using information obtained from the Website. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Barclays disclaims any liability for any reliance on information found on the Website.

IT security

  • Users are solely responsible of the security of any device or computer used to access the Website. Users acknowledge that Internet is not a secure network and that they should use appropriate measures to protect their own device. In case Users notice any technical or security issue concerning the functioning of the Website, they can contact us here https://www.barclayslifeskills.com/contact/.
  • Barclays excludes any express or implied warranties that any material used or downloaded from the website will not cause loss or damage to any data or property, such as hardware or software.  We accept no liability for any such loss or damage suffered by you or another as a result of your use of the Website.

Intellectual property

  • Website: Barclays is owner of all intellectual property rights on the Website, its domain name and its content. In respect to the images uploaded by the User, Barclays shall have a worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable,  perpetual, and royalty free license over the same. All Users having an active account are allowed to access, download, print the content  of the Lifeskills website for their own personal and non-commercial use, by exception teachers are allowed to share it also with their students for the purpose of their class in Singapore/India. You may not modify or alter  any downloaded or printed content and could not remove any copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property notices on any downloaded or printed content. You could not use the Website or any downloaded or printed content in a way to cause or risk causing harm or detriment to Barclays.
  • No other right is granted to users concerning the use of the Website. Users shall not misuse the Website and any information therein inconnection with any unlawful purpose and shall not use the content of the Website beyond what is expressly permitted under the above granted license. Users shall not duplicate the content of this Website on other websites or social networks.
  • Barclays’ trademarks, logos : Teachers shall not use or duplicate Barclays’ trademarks or logos on any website or social network, newspaper or newsletter or any other material used for communication purposes without Barclays’ express prior written consent.

Data Privacy

  • Personal Data is collected and processed by Barclays in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Website. Teachers do not have access to the Personal Data of their students.


We use cookies on this Website. Cookies are very small text files that some websites store on your computer when you visit them. Cookies do lots of different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently and remembering your preferences. All information on the cookies used on this Website is available in the Cookie Policy. Please go to the Cookie settings if you would like to parameter the cookie settings.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Barclays may alter these Terms at any time and without notice to you. You acknowledge that each time you access the website, there may be changes to the Terms and it is your responsibility to look into them. If you do not agree with the Terms (existing at the time of your first access or as varied), you are not permitted to access or use the Website.

Jurisdiction and Governing Law

These Terms and any non-contractual obligations arising out or in connection with them are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English law. Any dispute relating to or arising out of these Terms and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Our terms and conditions - LifeSkills