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How LifeSkills can support you and your students right now

The Covid-19 (‘coronavirus’) situation is understandably creating a lot of uncertainty and affecting the teaching community in new and unforeseen ways. We have created this page to support learners, parents and educators during this challenging time.

Skills that students learn now will be valuable to their future, helping them to adapt to the education and employment landscape as it changes. Explore the most relevant content for your current teaching environment that can be easily adapted for virtual facilitation.

We also have interactive tools, films and articles to suit independent study for students aged 14+.

Looking for further assistance using our resources? Our educator calls will be available throughout school closures; please get in touch with a time that suits you for a call.

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LifeSkills created with Barclays is a curriculum-linked programme developed with teachers to help improve the skills and employability of young people in the UK. All completely free and immediately accessible. LifeSkills can also support you with the Careers Strategy.

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