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Making the most of Virtual Work Experience lesson

This lesson brings to life the LifeSkills interactive Virtual Work Experience tool in a classroom setting. The tool provides insight into workplace, specifically a digital transformation agency. It offers multiple pause points on screen that present either an interactive challenge for students to consider, or a selection of questions that invite them to explore the skills and motivations of the different employees.

By the end of this activity students will be able to:

  • Understand the work that goes on at an innovative organisation by seeing an office in action and meeting the people that work there
  • Recognise the skills needed for the world of work, such as resilience, communication proactivity and creative thinking
  • Recognise the range of roles and opportunities on offer across an organisation

Help extend your students’ virtual work experience journey by encouraging them to use our independent activity exploring different job sectors and the skills required. We have also created teacher guidance to help provide feedback on their worksheets.


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Making the most of your Virtual Work Experience

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Making the most of your Virtual Work Experience: Lesson plan


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