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Putting enterprise skills into action

This lesson is designed to inspire students aged 14-19 to put their enterprise skills into action, whether it’s to become an entrepreneur or to develop transferable skills for work, with guidance focused on a suite of activities, including a film and interactive content.

Lesson learning outcomes

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:

  • Understand the different skills and behaviours it takes to develop an enterprising mindset and how these work together to help them best succeed
  • Demonstrate an understanding of enterprise skills within real-world contexts
  • Identify examples in their own personal development and ongoing learning where they can build entrepreneurial skills

For information on how this lesson supports teaching enterprise, continue reading below.

How does this lesson support students learn about enterprise skills?

Students will start getting to grips with what makes an enterprising mindset. They’ll explore how different skills and behaviours can combine and benefit them in different contexts, like becoming an entrepreneur or developing employability skills including problem solving and opportunity spotting.

How can students practise being enterprising with real-world scenarios?

By making use of the ‘Your enterprise journey’ tool, students can start connecting real-world experiences with opportunities to be enterprising. The tool offers a range of scenarios based on different points in young people’s education and employment, exploring the six key ‘ingredients’ of an enterprising mindset.

How can students develop their understanding of the link between enterprise skills and real business scenarios?

The lesson includes video case studies bringing to life the skills and challenges that accompany being an entrepreneur. Watch it in full or divided into three sections, using specific questions to bookend discussion.

How can students practise and apply enterprise and entrepreneurial abilities in the real world?

For students looking to take on their own enterprise challenge, the lesson provides guidance and information on approaching organisations to take on a real-world brief. The ‘Enterprise idea planner’ tool can to devise a plan of action and solution, giving them a chance to work on real issues.

Further ways to be enterprising with LifeSkills

Being able to network is an incredibly important part of being an entrepreneur and the ‘Networking skills’ lesson is a great way to improve your students’ abilities to make connections with the right people. Guidance on forming new ideas is available in the ‘Innovation and idea generation’ lesson.

Why not build a focus on enterprise skills into your students’ curriculum? Refer to our Content guide to find out how LifeSkills resources can be used in PSHE, English lessons and much more.

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Putting enterprise skills into action

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